Understanding the complexities of revenue cycle management (RCM) for healthcare providers can be a challenge. At Corflex Global, we have developed customizable programs that can maximize ancillary revenue, while maintaining the highest level of compliance. These comprehensive services, along with a complete portfolio of orthopedic products and experts with in-depth industry knowledge, allows us to deliver RCM solutions that fit our valued partner’s specific needs.

Fuzion, our RCM consulting services, was created to provide our partners with comprehensive advice and assistance across the RCM spectrum. Examples of these services can include:

  • 855s application assistance for Medicare PTAN number
  • Billing logic and clinical note templates for specific HCPC’s codes
  • Fee schedule development
  • Office workflow assistance
  • Comprehensive product analysis and recommendation
  • Compliance consulting and documentation kit
  • DME specific billing services and collections
  • Insight Platform – Cloud-based RCM tool

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