As a US-based manufacturer, Corflex Global has been proudly creating quality orthopedic products since 1984. For nearly four decades, we’ve been employing a local workforce and keeping our manufacturing processes in our regional communities.

As technology advanced and product demand grew, we evolved and developed, from our company’s first direction as a manufacturer of Orthopedic soft goods to include a line of vacuum-formed fracture bracing products and technical post-operative products.

Seeking opportunities to increase US production and better control our supply chain, we looked for a global solution. In 2013, Corflex Caribe was opened in the Dominican Republic, establishing overseas distribution efficiencies and securing control of the manufacturing process. In 2020, our overseas facility doubled in size to fulfill product demand and streamline distribution.

By merging manufacturing, advanced technology and new services, Corflex Global provides a wide range of solutions for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Speed To Market

As a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality Orthopedic products, we deliver processes and efficiencies that bring faster and smarter products to your practice and your customers.

Development and Distribution

An innovative design, manufacturing and distribution team brings new products to market to meet customer demand while setting exceptional standards of service to our valued customers.

We Stand Behind Our Products

Customer satisfaction is one of our most important jobs. Our lifetime warranty policy goes beyond our competitors and is one of the best reasons to do business with us.