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We understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers today and connect all the necessary components to improve patient outcomes and increase practice efficiencies and profitability. We focus on developing DME as a profit center for your practice while driving compliance and ensuring a positive experience for your patients.

Building new ancillary revenue strategies can untap significant opportunities by increasing organizational efficiency and profitability. Our team of experts will help craft a model that is unique to your practice and workflow, focusing on compliance and providing the tools needed to drive ancillary revenue growth. Our customized program features:

  • Proven and tested best practice strategies
  • Compliant billing and coding expertise with an emphasis on meeting Medicare guidelines and policies
  • State-of-the-art product dispensing platform combining clinic efficiency, real-time inventory, and the creation of all required compliance documentation
  • Robust inventory management program designed to maximize revenue
  • Seamless integration with existing practice workflow
  • Periodic business reviews to measure performance and identify optimization opportunities
  • Periodic mock chart audits to monitor accuracy and identify deficiencies in clinical documentation, billing, and coding that may be holding your program back
  • Assistance with CMS-855s application process
  • Expert guidance with handling and appealing denied claims

Implementing a comprehensive ancillary DME program can help your practice capture lost DME revenue and maximize profitability in your healthcare organization. Let us show you how we can reduce your overhead, generate profit and deliver results.

Since 1984 Corflex Global has been manufacturing quality orthopedic products in the United States and providing outstanding service, competitive pricing, and a lifetime product warranty. We understand the value of managing a product through its entire life cycle–from engineering and development to manufacturing and distribution, to patient care, compliance, and billing. Our comprehensive range of services includes consultative and solution-based platforms for fitting, billing, and inventory management. Corflex Global celebrates an 18-year history of Revenue Cycle Management by implementing a seamless DME delivery program that maximizes physician and patient outcomes and financial performance.

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