• Features concave shape to ensure comfortable positioning and anatomical fit.
  • Indicated for post-operative hip positioning.
  • Manufactured from sturdy medium density foam with soft foam straps and contact closure.

HCPCS Code: E0190

Product Number S M L
89-1411 89-1412 89-1413
Sizing Guide
Width/Length/Height 17″x12″x7″ 22″x15″x7″ 25″x16″x7″

Remove any metal stays if possible.
Close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
Product should be air-dried.
Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

  1. Release all hook and loop closures.
  2. Grasp pillow by curved-in sides, position pillow between legs with curved-in sides against inside of each leg, making sure tapered end is closest to torso.
  3. Secure hook and loop closures to desired tightness.