• Allows for slide buckle or contact closure.
  • Indicated for injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist or hand and cast support to maintain arm in neutral position.
  • Manufactured from seamless breathable mesh material.
Product Number XS S M
21-1730 21-1731 21-1732
Sizing Guide
Width/Height 12”x 5” 15”x 6” 17″ x 7″
Measurements are sling pouch width x height.

Close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
Product should be air-dried.
Do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

  1. Place affected foot inside shoe.
  2. Wrap the straps over the product onto opposite side, and attach straps onto hook portion of the product.
  3. Straps should be pulled gently for comfortable fit.